Waiting – a Lesson from Michael Angelo

Waiting – a Lesson from Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo had only one crooked and misshapen piece of marble left. With great care and patience he produced the amazing masterpiece – the “Boy David”.
So allow the Great Master the time necessary in His caring hands to turn your limitations and adverse circumstances into an awesome masterpiece. He is more interested in your growing than your getting. He has no “instant kids”.
… “Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary” (Isa 40:31).

Gentleness and Respect

Light will attract a moth but scare off a cockroach. When we share the truth we should do so with gentleness and respect, shining in such a manner that attracts people to Christ, the Light of life, and not in a way that chases them away.

Evolution Impossible

I’ve just finished reading EVOLUTION IMPOSSIBLE” by Dr John F Ashton – EVERYONE should read this. What an amazing book. In it Dr Ashton shows that when we examine the statements about evolution more closely, we find that they are simply assertions made without citing proven evidence, or where evidence is cited it does not actually prove their claim. He shows that there is no reputable scientific paper that explains a proven mechanism for how a living cell could arise from non-living molecules – a process called abiogenesis. One the other hand, he shows that many published scientific findings show that abiogenesis cannot happen. Further, he explains that mutations always lead to damaged DNA, which usually results in loss of genetic information. He knows of no instances where new purposeful genetic information arises, either by a natural process or through a mutation induced chemically or with radiation. Put simply, evolution is not a proven fact of science – it’s a wish, a fanciful hope in the light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that somehow a mechanical process to describe how life arose will be discovered. Science cannot explain how we came to be here. It has no satisfactory explanation for the origin of the universe; it has no explanation in terms of proven models for how life came to exist; it has no explanation for how the laws of physics and chemistry could came to be; it has no explanation for how the massive amount of purposeful information encoded in DNA could arise; and it has no explanation for the experience of consciousness.
However, the existence of supernatural intelligence, a Creator God unconstrained by space and time, does provide a meaningful explanation for our existence.