“God’s Alphabet for Training in Truth” by Geoffrey Bull

So simple – but with real potential to transform young lives.

Every parent’s desire is for his or her child to grow up to be respectable, honest, and to walk with integrity. This little book will help you realise that desire.

God’s Alphabet for Training in Truth presents:

  • twenty-six carefully selected Bible verses, each beginning with a different letter from the alphabet;
  • twenty-six thought provoking stories that reinforce the principles contained in each verse;
  • beautiful hand drawn pictures illustrating each story; and
  • practical exercises to put the truth into action

The verse tells us “what” the Lord requires; the illustrated story explains “why” it is important; and the practical suggestions explain “how” the truth can be applied.

The alphabetic letters, stories, and pictures form “memory hooks,” which will, along with application of the practical exercises, help the young person not only to remember each verse, but also to apply the truths they contain in their daily lives.

Included in God’s Alphabet for Training in Truth is an explanation of what it means to be “born again” and why this is necessary, written in a unique, clear manner that every child will easily understand.

This powerful resource is a must have for every young person, parent, grandparent, children’s church leader, or elementary school teacher. This is the one you have been waiting for!

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ISBN 978-1-63122-693-9 Sorry it’s out of print as Tate Publishing has closed shop. An alternate publisher is being sought

Also obtainable FREE OF POSTAGE in most countries from http://www.bookdepository.com Sorry not available from that source contact author for copies while an alternate publisher is being located and signed up

If you live in Australia you can also obtain books directly from the author.
Contact Author on geoffreybull@godsalphabet.com
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Book Reviews

Evangelicals Now February 2016 Issue Review, Ruth Williams, Swindon
It seems Australian Christians really lead the way in helpful books that can be used for family worship!
Just like Jim Cromarty before him, whose books enlivened our family worship when our three children were young, Geoffrey Bull has produced an excellent little book that does just what its title suggests. 26 biblical principles are simply and yet profoundly explained in language that will engage even the youngest listeners.
Each chapter has a ‘Did you know’ section with a helpful teaching, story or fact from the world of nature, linked to the Bible passage/ theme expounded. The second section for each day is entitled ‘Now here’s what you can do’ and contains practical and biblical advice about how to apply these truths in our lives and further Bible verses to learn/explore.
All this is done in a very winsome and readable style and the facts and stories will fascinate young hearers. The length of each chapter is pitched just right for a short family devotion around the meal table or at bedtime, but there is scope for taking the theme further in the follow-up Bible passages.
I warmly commend this little book. The author was born and raised in the mission fields of Africa and clearly expresses his indebtedness to godly parents who raised him to love God’s Word and hide it in his heart daily. Their influence is evident and the book begins with a very moving dedication to them. As the blurb itself states: ‘The alphabetic letters, stories and pictures form “memory hooks” which, along with the practical application exercises, will help the young person not only to remember each verse but to apply the truths they contain in their daily lives.’ This little book is gospel-centred and Christ-exalting and would make an excellent gift from a grandparent!

Review published in Amazon.com by Jess on December 31, 2014. “I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this little book, but I’m so glad I did. I have three small children and have bought numerous devotional type books but this one lays out a simple framework for training them up in the Lord at this stage in their lives. The illustrations are also lovely, something so rare in books today! This book is a gem! I hope many others discover it.”